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Mercedes-Benz takes over New York

This time last month, we were giving you all a glimpse of what our favorite automaker here at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington brought to the stage at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Now that they've taken Switzerland by storm, we're happy to report that history has repeated itself once more in the Big Apple.

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We always pay attention to what our customers have to say and we always take our time to reply to all their queries. There is no better or more time-effective way to answer to your questions than through our Website, where you can easily email your question and have it replied in a timely fashion, sometimes immediately. At the same time, we are very open to suggestions and improvements and we would be delighted to listen to your opinion as to how we can make our services more accessible or more customer-oriented, in order to improve our satisfaction.
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Meet the Newest Tech Feature by Mercedes-Benz

Now that we have captured your attention, we're pleased to report that the all-new Mercedes me technology is being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. As you may know already, that industry event will be on-going through March 16th, which potentially means that there are several more exciting announcements on the feature forthcoming.

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Style of the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is Truly Avant-Garde

As the name in our brand sign implies, we at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington enjoy introducing the luxury drivers of the Old Dominion State to models by our choice German automaker. Typically we do so through detailed discussions, but it can also be done by sharing alluring commercials with likeminded enthusiasts.

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Actors Share Their Thirst for Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Hydrogen Car

What better way to show off new technology than sending a couple Hollywood actors out to Death Valley with no drinking water? With the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell hydrogen car, of course.

We here at our Arlington, VA dealership don't carry this experimental model among our lineup of new Mercedes-Benz models, but we wanted to show you the innovations that the manufacturer continues to impress upon all of us.

Mercedes-Benz sent actors Diane Kruger and Joshua…

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Mercedes-Benz Debuts the Rescue Assist Application

At Mercedes-Benz of Arlington we want to help customers find vehicles that meet their luxurious needs. Aside from the colors, trim levels, and cabin amenities, we also want to see people in safe vehicles, because if you are in an accident you won't be thinking about your beautiful dashboard functions, but about how well the car protected you.

This new commercial highlights this 2014 safety feature called Rescue Assist. When you get into an accident first responders aren't just worried about getting you safely out of the car. They also need to understand how the car is designed…

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A Design Dream: the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Have you ever played any version of the Gran Turismo video game series? The popular series features sharp, aggressive, and exhilarating vehicles worthy of gracing the track, and playing it makes it easier to understand how some auto aficionados are born.

That said, with the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 on the way, the design team at Mercedes-Benz knew this was an opportunity to create a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle that will be simply irresistible for players…

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Mercedes-Benz Authorizes Dealerships to Enhance Customer Experience Even Further

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most exquisite automakers in the history of the industry, and their commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of the company, from the Mercedes-Benz new model lineup to the experience that our valued clientele takes away from purchasing one of those new Mercedes-Benz models. And it is that area specifically that Mercedes-Benz has announced they intend to improve.

If you have visited our Arlington, VA Mercedes-Benz dealership or another…

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