Banish Rust on Your Mercedes-Benz the Right Way with the Help of Jay Leno

Cars age very much like us: enduring wear and tear, fading after years of exposure from both rough and happy memories. Like a forehead wrinkle, the rusts spots on your car are tributes to those moments. But when rust spots appear, we don't come to terms with them, we don't look in the mirror and think: " Well, it's part of life." Instead we just figure that the car is about done, on its last leg even though its engine may still be finely tuned.

However, rust spots are fixable. They can vanish even more simply than Botox does wrinkles. It doesn't take invasive surgery or a body shop specialist to re-due your entire exterior.  It is something that can be done quickly, efficiency and on a budget. In the following Jay Leno's Garage, "Get Rid of Your Rust!", you can learn about the environmentally-friendly, Quick-Glo. The product eliminates heavy oxidation and rust off chrome, brass and stainless steel.

No longer does your 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 need to be banished to the back of your garage. Tune it, use Quick-Glo on it and show it to the world. And for all other items that a quick scrub of a Quick-Glo can't fix, stop into Mercedes-Benz of Arlington's service center.  Bring all those classic cars back on the road, Arlington. And get rid of the "wrinkles" slowing you down.

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