Why Rotating your Tires Should Be Part of your Vehicular Maintenance

Rotating your tires is a vital part of car ownership. It is easy to think about getting your oil changed or the brakes checked, but if you do not rotate your tires regularly, they will begin to wear unevenly. This is where we can help!

Your tires need to get taken off and physically moved from front to back, left to right or even diagonally. This is because not every tire will wear as evenly as the others. Front tires especially wear down quicker because the outside edges wear more as these two tires take the turns more often.

At Mercedes-Benz of Arlington in Arlington, VA, we can rotate your tires for you to ensure they are wearing down evenly. Unbalanced tires will lead to uneven wear, and nobody wants that! We can help you extend not only the life of your tires but possibly the money in your wallet. Call us today at the dealership, and we will set up an appointment to rotate and check your tires.

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