Know When Your Headlights Need Replacement

Your car’s headlights are crucial for having good road visibility when driving at night. If you can’t see the road at night as well as you used to, it might be time for headlight service.

The light from a headlight is emitted from a bulb. The type of bulb can vary depending on the model and year of your car. The bulb is held and protected by the headlight housing, which includes a clear protective cover. If your headlights seem to be emitting less light than usual, your headlights likely need service.

Dim headlights can be a sign that the bulb or housing needs replacement, or in some cases, the surface of the clear protective cover needs to be restored. If you’re having trouble seeing at night, our qualified auto service team at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington can inspect your headlights and determine if they need service or replacement.

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