What Do Different Vehicle Safety Ratings Mean?

While you probably never want to be in an accident, it does help when your vehicle has a higher number of safety assist features and prevention systems so that you can sense when you are about to collide with another vehicle. The new safety ratings test for collisions, airbags, family safety, pedestrian safety, and driver assist features.

When a car passes a 5-star crash rating, it means that the vehicle was able to keep everyone safe during all types of collisions that may happen on the road. Vehicles are also tested for how well they can protect the driver and even sense a collision, providing a blind spot monitoring alert, or lane departure assist.

Vehicles are also rated for their child seat safety, air bag control, voice-enabled features, and other options that will increase the driver's awareness while they take on long drives. You can test drive the latest vehicles at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington located in Arlington, VA.

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