Learn the Difference Between a Donut and a Full-Size Spare

There is more than one kind of spare tire that you can use on your vehicle. When you run into a tire emergency in Arlington and need to install a spare right away, you will often need a fast replacement that you can find tucked away in the trunk of your vehicle. This kind of small tire is called a "donut" or a compact replacement spare tire.

These donut spares are designed for limited operation only, such as a drive to have your tire replaced. These tires can only be driven on at limited speeds. Long-term use can lead to safety concerns about the proper operation of your car's braking, tracking and other key systems.

On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz of Arlington can replace your donut with a full-size spare tire. Our tire replacement service can get your vehicle ready to get back on the roads right away to enjoy safe travels.

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