Don’t’ Lose Time- Check the Timing Belt

As a car owner you understand the importance of maintaining your car so it is safe to drive and will last longer, but what is a timing belt and when does it need to be replaced? Below are some answers to timing belt questions:

  • Timing Belt- The car timing belt is responsible for rotating the cam and crankshaft and making sure the cylinders fire, without a timing belt the car’s engine will not run.
  • Symptoms- Some symptoms that may indicate that it is time to service the timing belt include ticking or squeaking noises, engine misfires, oil leaks, or engine will not start.
  • Service- While all cars are different it is important to check the cars manual to see when the timing belt needs to be changed, most timing belts last between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

At Mercedes-Benz of Arlington we understand how important the timing belt is to the functioning of your car, if you have any questions or concerns please visit any of our Arlington locations.

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