Safety Features of the Mercedes-Benz S560

One of the most popular luxury sedans in the world, the Mercedes-Benz S560 balances sleek design, luxurious comfort and superior handling with some of the finest safety features available in automobiles today.

Thoughtful enhancements take the safety features of the S560 to the next level. When the car senses an impact is inevitable, it emits a special auditory tone throughout the cabin to help mitigate the sound of the collision on the occupants of the cabin and protect their hearing. The car also continually monitors the driver's actions, drawing from a database of 70 different driving behaviors in order to sense when a driver is becoming drowsy or exhibiting worrisome behavior. The car will then alert the driver to take a break from driving.

Take the new Mercedes-Benz S560 for a test drive when you visit Mercedes-Benz of Arlington. We have plenty of Mercedes specialists on hand to answer any questions you may have about the S560's many safety features.



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