Make Sure You Do Not Over-Inflate Your Tires

While you may already know that you do not want to drive on under-inflated tires, there is the other extreme that you have to watch out for. This extreme is over-inflation. This brings about a separate set of problems for your vehicle. This is why there is a recommended tire pressure that you have to pay attention to.

With over-inflated tires, the weight of your vehicle is not going to be on the entire tread. The thin strip is going to deal with a majority of the weight. This is not good for the tires or the vehicle overall and can cause issues.

One of the best things to do with your tires is to consistently check tire pressure. Your tires are likely to lose air even if they are new. Therefore, a tire pressure gauge is something that is worth having with you so that you can check the air pressure in your tires.



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