We want to help you see the signs that you need an alignment adjustment at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington. Our professional service in Arlington enables smooth drives and longer tire lives.

The first sign is easy to understand. If you haven't gotten your alignment evaluated and adjusted in 10,000 miles or 12 months, come see us. Secondly, you could check your tires for uneven wear patterns. Asymmetrical wear usually indicates that you need alignment adjustments.

Of course, we have high-end equipment that checks your alignment. Our machine evaluates your car's camber, toe and caster. Camber reads each tire's perpendicular relationship with the pavement. Perfect camber measures 90 degrees. Toe checks whether a tire sits perfectly straight when the steering wheel is not engaged. We want neutral toe measurements, but we often see tires that point slightly left or right. Caster compares where your rear wheels track with respect to your front wheels. We can expertly fix all of these alignment issues.


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