When spring arrives, people start thinking about cleaning their homes or performing some improvements around the house. There's nothing wrong with doing either, but don't forget about the car. Spring creates opportunities to take advantage of special deals on services. Some of those services could be overdue.

The little sticker the technician put on your windshield tells you when the car's due for an oil change. Follow the recommended mileage suggestion and get the oil changed. While there, ask the tech to check the brakes, hoses, coolant levels, and tires. If the shop offers a multi-point inspection, go for it. You want to know if anything needs work.

Review your owner's manual to make sure you are on top of all suggested service. Falling behind on replacing a belt or something else could lead to a calamity.

The technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington can assist car owners with maintenance requests. Call the service department to speak with someone today.


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