Manufacturers strive to make parts durable. Belts and hoses, in particular, require tough materials when manufactured. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to handle their important duties. Over time, however, they wear down. Once dried out and cracked, they lose reliability. Getting them changed long in advance of any problems becomes advisable.

An engine relies on many accessories to operate. The fan and water pump represent two accessory parts that rely on belts and pulleys. The timing belt keeps the engine's valves and pistons running in sync. You don't want the timing belt to snap, or else the engine could be wrecked. Make sure all belts get replaced on schedule to avoid problems.

Hoses, like steel lines, transfer fluids. Brake lines run brake fluid while radiator hoses run coolants. If a leak occurs with the radiator hose, a vehicle may overheat. Leaks in the brake lines may lead to brake failure and a devastating accident.

Avoid troubles. Let the service department at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington perform necessary inspection and replacement work.


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