Automotive brake pads press against the vehicle’s rotors, pushed tight against them by hydraulic calipers. The friction of the brake pad against the rotor slows the car’s wheel and may be used to stop it. While it’s a fairly simple concept, brake pads are a huge part of the safety and control systems of your vehicle.

What Contributes to Excessive Wear?

Over time, brake pads wear down and become less effective at producing the friction required to stop the vehicle. In some cases, that wear can be accelerated by driving conditions. If your commute includes a lot of city driving in traffic, your brake pads will wear faster than they would if you had an open highway commute with few stops.

How Do I Know When to Maintain My Brakes?

?It’s best to regularly inspect your brakes to stay on top of maintenance needs. Mercedes-Benz of Arlington is a great place to take care of your brake system maintenance and all of your other vehicle maintenance needs.


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