If you like doing your own automotive maintenance, you'll enjoy today's post from Mercedes-Benz of Arlington. Cleaning your vehicle's engine can extend its life. It could help appreciate how your car works, too.

Engine cleaning goes fastest in warm, dry conditions, so watch the Arlington-area weather forecast. Additionally, don't clean your engine right after your car has been running. To prepare your engine, set aside its plastic components. Also, disconnect your battery from its negative terminal. Cover any exposed electronics in your engine compartment, too.

While you can acquire specialized degreasers, we recommend using your household brand. Even green degreasers work well. Spray the engine's surface thoroughly, and pay special attention to heavily caked areas. After you scrub where necessary, rinse your engine. You can use a garden hose. Do not apply high water pressure. When the engine is dry, you can reattach everything while looking forward to your next trip.


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