Not everyone knows there are different types of spare tires. When you buy a vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Arlington, you'll receive the appropriate type of spare for your specific automobile. Here's what you should know about the difference between a compact temporary and a full-size spare tire.

If you drive a small vehicle, you can probably guess that you're more likely to have a compact temporary spare tire. You may have heard this kind more commonly called a donut. It is designed to take up less room in your car. Because it's constructed differently, it should be used with special care. Drive slower on a donut and be sure to replace it as soon as you're able.

Unlike donuts, full-size spares won't affect your vehicle's performance on the road and don't require immediate replacement. Large, heavy vehicles like SUVs and trucks tend to come with full-size spares because they are too big for a donut to handle.


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