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Pay Attention to Your Car's Warning

There are many warning lights on your dash, and they all mean different things. There's an indicator light that will remind you to change your oil. There's an indicator light that will tell you that one of your doors is not properly closed and one that will let you know when your gas cap needs to be put on better. These are all pretty easy fixes, but some are more complicated.

If you get a message that says your engine needs to be checked or that your battery has some issues, bring your ride over to us here…
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Time for a Tire Change on Your Mercedes-Benz Model?

As a best practice, you should change the tires on your Mercedes-Benz model regularly to make sure it continues to perform in peak condition. Fortunately, you can address this need with ease thanks to the help offered at the Mercedes-Benz of Arlington Service Center in Arlington, Virginia. Below, we review why and when you should change your tires.


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Banish Rust on Your Mercedes-Benz the Right Way with the Help of Jay Leno

Cars age very much like us: enduring wear and tear, fading after years of exposure from both rough and happy memories. Like a forehead wrinkle, the rusts spots on your car are tributes to those moments. But when rust spots appear, we don't come to terms with them, we don't look in the mirror and think: " Well, it's part of life." Instead we just figure that the car is about done, on…
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