Mercedes-Benz of Arlington Provides Effective Financing for the Luxury Drivers of Alexandria, Washington DC, Vienna, and Bethesda

Financing your new or used Mercedes-Benz can be an easy process through our finance center. You can use our online tools, such as our application below, to value your trade in, and estimate your monthly payments.

How Does an Auto Loan Work?

A loan is a great way to purchase a car when you can't afford the total cost all at once. It may seem complex, but it's a relatively simple process. After reviewing your application, a lender will give the money to pay for the vehicle. Then, you pay the lender back over time with monthly payments and a set interest rate. A loan has a distinct advantage over leasing: ownership. Since a loan actually purchases the car into your ownership, you can drive it or modify it as much as you want. Plus, you can hold onto the vehicle as long as you like.

How Does an Auto Lease Work?

With a lease program, you essentially sign on for a long-term rental of a new vehicle. After a down payment, the leaser then pays the dealer a set amount every month to continue use of the vehicle. These payments are usually lower than loan payments because you are only paying for the difference in value between the model-as-new and its projected value at the end of the lease term. Lease programs typically include a mileage cap and you can't make modifications to the vehicle, but it's a more affordable way to drive a new model.